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What is Tai Chi?

The Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan can be translated as the 'Supreme Ultimate Force'.

A centuries old mind and body exercise...

Tai Chi is deeply rooted in Chinese medicine, meditation and martial arts. This intriguing and enjoyable practice consists of a series of precise, gentle, physical movements combined with energy awareness and mental concentration.


The movements are always done in the same order as the early ones lay the foundation for the later development. Gradually, students gain awareness (at their own pace) and learn to concentrate on their physical, energetic and mental centre which is called tan t'ien ("don tee in").

Extremely well tested and proven, Tai Chi has long been prescribed by doctors to alleviate a wide range of conditions including stress, arthritis, high blood pressure, balance difficulties, lower back pain, etc., as well as for anyone needing the general revitalization that results from improved respiration and circulation.

Plus, it is fun to do! Tai Chi practice is often called "playing" Tai Chi to emphasize this light heartedness.

Classes will also  incorporate Chi-Gung standing meditation postures...

We run regularly a 10 week Tai Chi beginners course!


If you would like to attend Tai Chi classes, please Contact Paul  Tel: 01522 889620 Email:

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