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Kai-Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 7th Dan

Paul Chambers began practicing Aikido in 1976 at a local Lincoln club under the instruction of Sensei Phil Waits. At this time the Lincoln club was part of the British Aikido Association (Traditional section) under the guidance of Sensei Mike Smith 6th Dan

Later this section was to break away from the B.A.A. and become as it is now known, the Kai Shin Kai. Paul belonged to the Kai from 1976 -1997 attaining the grade of 4th Dan and a position on the management committee. In 1992 he received a coach award through the B.A.B. At this time he had already been teaching Aikido since the early 80s.

In June of 1989 after attending a week's course under the late Morihiro Saito Sensei in Cambridge, he decided to choose to follow the Iwama approach in his training of Aikido. This style Incorporates sword stick and body arts as a combined system. The course was arranged by Tony Sergeant Sensei (head of the T.A.I.S.B. Assoc), who was Saito's representative in the UK.

Paul became a member of Sensei Tony's group and made it his purpose to attend as many of his courses as possible. Throughout the early 90s Paul attended a series of weapons courses; importantly the Easter courses with Pat Hendrick Sensei 7th Dan who is recognised as one of Saito Sensei's top students. For a short period In Oct I991 Paul trained at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Paul Chamber's philosophy is fundamental to the origins of Aikido. In 1996 he realised his understanding by opening an independent Dojo free from politics and controlling elements.

“Establishing the Lincoln Aikido Club has allowed me to follow my heart and gives me the freedom to choose my own beliefs. Our Dojo remains open to all styles of Aikido. We often hold courses with visiting Sensei; this allows my students and myself to stay in touch with the wider scale of things, making us all aware that we will only ever be a part of the whole."

Paul Chambers Graded 6th Dan Oct 2002; Current grade 7th Dan May 2023.

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