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We run 10 week Aikido Beginner’s courses on a Wednesday nights...

Venue: Lincoln Aikido Club Dojo, Monson Street, Lincoln       

Time: TBC 

Instructors: Josh Lord 3rd Dan, Chris Carr 3rd Dan (We will confirm when the next 10 week course is running)


Aikido training is an excellent programme for self defence, all-around physical fitness and spiritual growth.

Lincoln Aikido Club’s regular 10 week beginner’s course is held in a safe environment and is open to everyone, no matter what your gender, age, size, weight, or physical strength.

The main focus of these classes is on the development of the essential skills, required for the safe and correct practice of Aikido. Techniques are presented at a pace which allows the beginner to understand and learn the basic principles and techniques of Aikido, including proper etiquette, footwork, body movement, positioning, falling (ukemi), the use of momentum and the development of a strong and stable centre. 

The fees for the 10 week course is £60.00 which includes your first year's Insurance, renewable yearly at £15.00 per annum
After you have completed this course, you may apply for your Licence.  Classes taken after the Beginner's Course, cost £8.00 per class or a Monthly Fee of £50.00

If you would like to attend the Beginner’s course please contact…

Kai Cho Paul  Chambers 7th Dan Tel: 01522 889620 or 07881716357    Email:  

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