Aikido Classes
Individual classes are £6.00 per class. However, if you aim to attend more than one class per week, we would suggest that you pay MONTHLY fee of ONLY £40.00 this will entitle you to attend as many classes as you wish! This is superb value!

18.30 - 20.00  KARATE (Wado Ryu)Brendan Nolan Instructor 3rd Dan

20.00 - 21.15  TAI-CHI

Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan


18.30 - 19.45 AIKIDO

Ray Brown Sensei 5th Dan & Gareth Edwards Sensei 4th Dan
For those who wish to follow the grading syllabus for promotion through the Kyu ranks

20.00 - 21.30  AIKIDO

Kai Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan  
An open session to train in Tai jutsu (empty handed) techniques. All levels are welcome, young or old, male and female


19.00 - 20.30  AIKIDO  (Please note this is a beginners course, which will focus on Aikido basics)

Josh Lord Instructor 2nd Dan

Beginners Special 10 week course at £45.00 per person  

Please note - To join the Beginner’s Course it is necessary to contact 01522 889620


18.30- 19.45 AIKIDO WEAPONS Bukiwaza

Kai Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan & Ray Brown Sensei 5th Dan
Bukiwaza: Weapons training with Jo - a wooden staff/Bokken - a wooden sword/  Tanto - a wooden knife.

A thorough knowledge of basic suburi with each weapon enhances, balance and body posture in the Tai Jutsu practice.  Beginners are especially welcome!


19.00 - 21.00 TAI-CHI

Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan 

All levels are welcome!


Kai Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan

Saturday course timetable will be advised.


10.30 - 12.00 TAI CHI

Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan

Beginners are especially welcome!

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