Aikido Classes
Individual classes are £6.00 per class. However, if you aim to attend more than one class per week, we would suggest that you pay a MONTHLY fee of ONLY £40.00 this will entitle you to attend as many classes as you wish!   This is superb value!

18.30 - 20.00 AIKIDO

Ray Brown Sensei 5th Dan & Gareth Edwards Sensei 4th Dan
For those who wish to follow the grading syllabus for promotion through the Kyu ranks

20.00 - 21.30  AIKIDO (This class is on hold due to COVID19)

Kai Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan  
An open session to train in Tai jutsu (empty handed) techniques. All levels are welcome, young or old, male and female


19.00 - 20.30  AIKIDO  (Please note this is a beginners course, which will focus on Aikido basics)

Josh Lord Sensei 3rd Dan (This Class is on hold due to COVID19)

Beginners Special 10 week course at £45.00 per person  

Please note - To join the Beginner’s Course it is necessary to contact 01522 889620


18.30- 20.00 AIKIDO WEAPONS Bukiwaza

Kai Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan & Ray Brown Sensei 5th Dan
Bukiwaza: Weapons training with Jo - a wooden staff/Bokken - a wooden sword/  Tanto - a wooden knife.

A thorough knowledge of basic suburi with each weapon enhances, balance and body posture in the Tai Jutsu practice.  Beginners are especially welcome!


18.30 - 20.00 TAI-CHI

Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan 

All levels are welcome!


Kai Cho Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan

Saturday course timetable will be advised.


10.30 - 12.00 TAI CHI

Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan

Beginners are especially welcome!


18.30 - 19.45  TAI-CHI

Paul Chambers Sensei 6th Dan

For all levels - Beginners are very welcome